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Through our hardworking, trustworthy and creative web developer team, we offer you the benefits of the highest quality WordPress website.

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In order to do smart business, a commerce website is essential in this age. We want to be by your side to take your business one step further.

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We can provide you premium quality digital marketing services such as SEO , SEM , SMO ,SMM and many more. Great quality services is our main goal.

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World IT Ltd is considered to be the establishment for all computer program improvement strategies, with different exercises related to each level. Exercises such as budgets, prerequisites gathering, and documentation composing, are included within the cycle, as well as the more specialized components. SDLC as a rule starts with deciding client trade needs, which are taken after execution and testing. The cycle closes when all necessities have been satisfied. The computer program advancement life cycle comprises of seven particular phases World IT Limited is a trusted organization in Bangladesh for e-commerce development, WordPress development and web design. In the current era of business without a commerce website you run our business a little harder so to make your business more dynamic, more advanced, and smarter, we have been working for you for a long time with business development and website development. We are committed to getting the best business experience in the marketplace. We have high-quality web development services and WordPress development services. We have different types of digital marketing available.


We always believe in innovative work and we always try to design your website to keep pace with the times. We always work with the latest technology.

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We provide you the best development services.

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E-commerce Website

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We provide you the best development services.


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We provide you the best development services.

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As human creatures, we pride ourselves on our flawless adjustment aptitudes and capacity to alter with the times. Stemming from this, when the social world exchanged from a put of interpersonal associations to web associations, so did the world of commerce. There's no getting around it; our digitally-running way of life has given us small choice but to suit innovation, and in the event that you haven't as of now, it's time to urge a move It's a no-brainer; site advancement is presently exceptionally vital to you as a commerce individual.. Site improvement is the key to making those things extraordinary. The same way an eye could be a window to the soul, web site could be a window to the trade, giving clients a taste of what you've got to offer and alluring them to glen more profound voice



At first we arrange a meeting with our client to discuss their needs and requirements. We then create a detailed outline of the project to get started.


This stage model the way a program application would work. The specialized designers make initial progressed plan arrange for the program and system.


In this stage the software is assembled. This involves a variety of processes. including coding, setting up infrastructure and creating documentation on how the system works


Test are performed as functional testing, covering framework testing, unit testing, acknowledgement testing, integration testing as well as non-functional testing.


At this point, the program is build and tested to real world usage and ready for delivering. We then train our clients to operate the software and hand over the final product.


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We always believe in quality work. You can observe our work if you want. We have always been working with a trusted organization with a reputation so we don't have a job you can rest assured

We are the only IT industry-trusted service provider in Bangladesh. We are with you in securing your online-based information.

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